Preparing for your special delivery

Start packing about 2 weeks before your due date to make sure you’re ready for your baby’s big arrival. Here is a list of what you need to bring with you on admission.

For Moms

• Toiletries
• Soap
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Bath towel and face cloth
• Hairbrush
• Sanitary pads
• Breast pads
• Nipple cream
• Nipple shields
• 2 front-opening nightdresses for breastfeeding
• Dressing gown or shawl
• A few pairs of comfortable underwear
• A pair of warm socks
• Slippers
• Feeding bras
• All your chronic medication or vitamins
• Comfortable outfit to wear home
• Your phone charger and 2 pin- adapter
• Medical aid card
• ID documents for you and your partner
• Marriage certificate (if applicable)

For Baby

• New-born size nappies 
• Baby wipes 
• Petroleum jelly 
• Surgical spirits 
• Cotton wool 
• Soap 
• Baby cleansing lotion 
• Baby moisturiser
• Ear buds 
• Bum cream 
• Bottles if not breastfeeding 
• Receiving blankets 
• An outfit to take baby home in, Including a hat and blanket 

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